Friday, November 23, 2007


The day almost got past me without a post.

Here's a quickie (and aptly so):

I'm in the checkout lane at Safeway tonight and the checker and bagger (middle-aged male, 20-something female) are giggling about something and rolling their eyes, and saying, "Really! How bizarre!"

"So what's the story?" I ask.

The checker looks me over, decides to tell. "I was working in produce last year, rolling my cart around, and suddenly it gets hung up on something. Won't move. I look down to check the wheels, and what do I find hung up on one?"

He pauses.

"A pair of women's thong underwear!"

I gasp, then burst out laughing. "So did you get any calls?"

The bagger looks at me. "Would you call?"

"Hell no!" I say, and we laugh some more.

I collect my bags to go. "Have a panty-free evening!" I say.

"She certainly did!"


  1. I'm still ROTFLMAO! And all this in a Safeway, that too!!

  2. Ever since I read this post, it's like the floodgates have opened and I only read about people losing their underwear in the strangest of places!

  3. Ah, the power of suggestion! What a funny (gross) story.

    Here's a link you might enjoy: Art Frahm. Be sure to click through the "Problematic Underwear Collection."

    Check your elastic!