Thursday, November 01, 2007


Do you ever buy lottery tickets? I chip in to the office pool when the jackpot's big, and though we never win, I still get a little frisson of joyful anticipation, thinking of what I'd do if we did.

I got the same little thrill this morning when I visited Jaden's Steamy Kitchen blog and found out she's having another contest, this time for a half-pound of vanilla beans. A half-pound! What a jackpot!

I'm not sure that I will have time this weekend to do a full-blown vanilla recipe post (as I did for the saffron contest), so I submitted the homemade vanilla extract recipe from The Traveler's Lunchbox as a stopgap.

To illustrate this post, I wanted to use the cover of Patricia Rain's "Vanilla Cookbook," but couldn't find it online anywhere. So I had to go out to the garage and pull it out of a crate. Good thing I labeled all those crates in detail!

(Doesn't that vanilla look real? Alas, it's printed on the cover of the book. I have two vanilla beans to my name.)

Patricia Rain is "The Queen of Vanilla." You can find her very interesting history here.

Cross your fingers for me! I'll cross mine for you if you enter. Maybe you'll share if you win?


  1. As will I... if I ever get my vanilla recipe posted.

  2. Mmm. Me love vanilla bean. I'll share if I win, Kit.

  3. One of my favorite treats is any kind of fruit cobbler with a warm vanilla sauce instead of whipped cream or ice cream. Basically just a homemade vanilla pudding thinned down so it pours. Sublime! Serve it in a deep bowl so you get lots of the sauce.