Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meet and greet

The other day I encountered the huskies out for a walk. The four of them belong to this couple, who also foster huskies for rescue, which explains why I have sometimes seen five in their yard. I left Sophie on the other side of the street, or I would have asked them more questions (like the dogs' names). They were very well-behaved, and gave me tidy little nose-to-nose bumps when I crouched down to greet them, rather than slobbery licks as some dogs are wont to do.
Yesterday we met a sweet rottweiler whom we haven't seen at this house before. Most of the rotties I have known have been real creampuffs. This one was no exception, happy to sniff noses with Sophie and get a little skritch on the top of his head.


  1. Eight below!

    Rottweilers scare me. But then even spiders do.

  2. If they're owned by responsible people, Rotties and the pit bull breeds can be wonderful pets. I so wanted to adopt a one-year-old pit bull this summer, who'd been in rescue since she was just a little pup, and consequently she'd been well-trained and behaved like an angel. But my stupid homeowner's insurance specifically refuses to cover those breeds. Grr.

  3. I grew up in Germany so love Rottweilers and German Shepherds which are very popular in Europe. They are lovely dogs as a rule - only aggressive when they're trained to it. I adore the Carl children's books, too! Nothing beats a standard poodle though, if you're going to have a dog in the family. :)

  4. Here in da Bronx it's all pits and rotties, some of the sweetest dogs I know. It has very little to do with the breed and everything to do with training and socialization.

    Pits are Dorrie's favorite kind of dog to play with, because they're fast and they like to box.

  5. I've met some nice pits, but am leery of them, too. Sophie's trainer worked a lot with protection breeds like shepherds, dobermans and rotties, and even she was wary around pits, which can be nice as pie with people but be set off by another dog. I generally don't worry about any dog for my own sake, but feel very protective of my poodle!

  6. My former chiropractor has a Rottie, Pfritz, who used to accompany her to the office. He was still a pup (18 months, I think) and big for his breed and very affectionate and rambunctious. One day she (the chiro) was teaching me some exercises for my back and Pfritz came up behind me and started licking my ear. So the next time I brought him a prime rib bone and claimed him as my doggie fiance.

    When she moved her office to Long Beach I was down there on business and scheduled an adjustment and when I identified myself at the front desk the receptionist and other doc who were there said "Oh, you're Pfritz's girlfriend!" Yeah, I didn't care.