Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gardening is uplifting

Well, the squarsh has gotten a little out of hand. We planted too many for the space, so the vines are crawling and climbing everywhere.
I walked past the fence outside the garden last week and saw this joker hanging there. It's a pumpkin, and not a dwarf variety, either.
I thought I could accommodate it with the help of some pantyhose, but they wouldn't stay put, despite the "control top" label.
The Sergeant came to the rescue, with a little monopod platform he whipped up in about five minutes. A couple of zipties ensure that it will stay put. Handy husband!
The pumpkin has gone from softball-sized to this in two weeks. The fence is probably thanking us, and the pumpkin, too.
We'll be sure to carve a smile on it when the time comes.


  1. That monopod platform is adorable! I need one too, for a (for now) tiny hanging pumpkin. I've got tons of volunteer squash vines too, but not quite as robust as yours, which look positively other-worldly.

  2. The Sergeant planted the seedlings in a trench that he had filled with compost, so they are quite well-fed. He's got a green thumb, for sure.

    I wasn't very dedicated with my pantyhose hammock. You could probably make one work with a little more effort.