Friday, September 23, 2011

Little rat bastard

This is how bad they are. I saw a mouse scampering under the squash vines. I went inside to get my camera. I stood next to the tomato vines, aiming toward the squash. Well, you can see where that mouse was headed, bold as you please.


  1. He's just so cute though! I notice that you went from "Damn mice" to "Little rat bastard" in a matter of days. (Sounds like me talking about my deer -- those rats with hooves who eat everything I plant, including everything labeled "deer resistant" at the nursery.) At least my deer don't invade my house during the winter as you predict your little bastards will do to you this winter. I had mice one year and resorted to the old-fashioned spring-loaded cheese-baited mouse traps. I know some people prefer to trap them and release them back into the "wild" but I am not quite so romantic as I once was. I say off with their cute little heads!

  2. My sentiments exactly, Summer. Especially when I reach into the vines to grab a nice, big tomato, only to find it's been eaten half through.

    Pam, they've already started coming in. Saw one in the kitchen the other day. I've got traps out, and we're very careful not to leave any food where they can get it. Once the first cold snap is over, we don't see them again because there's nothing here for them to eat.

  3. But,.....look at that darling little face! He looks right out of Beatrix Potter. You could write books and use him in them. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. I have to admit I haven't had a mouse eat my produce yet, only birds.