Monday, November 05, 2007

Other weekend delights

Had a good Lebanese dinner Saturday night at Beirut Grill in Englewood. Again, tasty, filling and affordable. I called to ask what time they closed, and was told "We leave at 10." OK, then. We'll be sure to finish eating by then so you can turn out the lights.

I think it was just a slight language barrier issue.

I was also bemused to see that they were using repurposed table checks that had "Syrian Cafe" crossed out on them. Kind of funny, considering that there's no love lost between Syria and Lebanon.

We went to Ben & Jerry's for dessert. I was not able to finish my cone of Phish Food. Rich!
Sunday morning we had lunch with friends at Gaia Bistro. This is baked eggs on black beans with goat cheese. Yummy, but not very substantial. I would get two things if I were ordering this again.
Finally, I'm still getting a lot of enjoyment out of a $9 bouquet I bought at Safeway a week and a half ago. It's amazing how well it has held up!


  1. I *love* fall bouquets like that.

    You should sign up for National Blog Posting Month ( You've got a great start on it already! If nothing else, its a great place to find new blogs...

  2. I did sign up! And for NaBloWriMo last month. I haven't quite figured out the NaBloPoMo site yet. My user name is kittbo. Since I post every day pretty much anyway, it's not quite the challenge for me that others take it to be, though.

  3. LOVE black beans and eggs. But yeah, they need to be piled on pretty thick. A restaurant here (Hell's Kitchen) makes huevos with black beans, eggs, tortillas, and a whole bunch of stuff. So good.