Thursday, February 19, 2009

Deaf as a doorbell

The doorbell needed new batteries. As you can see, it's a clunky old model but it still functions pretty well. And when the volume is turned up, it's loud.

An apt metaphor for my aged poodle, who's a bit on the creaky side but still pretty functional. And loud when she wants to convey her needs ("Jerky! NOW!").

Alas, the dog who used to bark at the sound of a doorbell even on the radio in the car is no longer quite as in tune:


  1. Martha Stewart had bees on her show today (well mostly honey but still interesting).

    I rememeber well how sad it was when our poor doggie went blind and deaf. He used to bark at EVERYTHING. Sad but it was kind of nice when he didn't do that anymore.

  2. I have become quite fond of Sophie just from her pictures and you talking about her.

  3. Our dear departed Kirby was going deaf in her last few months with us. I missed her barking at door bells on tv. She learned that from her city owners before us. We don't have a door bell, but six years of living with us didn't stop the behavior.

  4. I have a wonderfully loud old-fashioned brass door ringer I bought at The Vermont Country Store. No electricity required.


  5. Thanks, Julie. I'll have to see if they archived that show online.

    Sophie has never been a big barker, but I appreciated her being a good burglar alarm.

    Thanks, Peggy. I do love her very much! She's a special dog.

    Betts, it took Sophie quite a while to figure out what a doorbell was, but once she did, she was happy to chime in, as it were.

    Dani, I've seen those. they're pretty cool, but not practical for me.