Sunday, February 08, 2009

Walking notes

When walking the dog, I may or may not have a few bucks in my pocket for a cup of coffee or a yard-sale find, but I always have my camera. It's handy for snapping weird stuff, or for reminders of landscaping do's and don'ts.

This downspout "water feature" is an interesting concept, but the execution ... no. I do like ironwork that's out of the ordinary, and bricks, so this gate gets a thumbs up.
They really should run their downspout under the walkway, though.
I always check to see what the monsters are going for. These two? $609K each. A year ago it probably would've been closer to $700K.

I went up and took pictures through the windows. I couldn't spot any surveillance cameras, so maybe they're bluffing.

It's a nice neighborhood but I still can't imagine paying that much for half a duplex.


  1. Oooh - that gate with the brick is gorgeous!

  2. That "water feature" looks like the kind of crackpot idea I would come up with. I'll remember this picture; it might save me from making the same mistake. Although it IS a good way to create a pond. And to recycle stones and other rock-like debris. Hmmmm.

  3. When we were in Savannah, Georgia the rod iron gates were incredible, although this one sure could compete with them.

  4. Wendy and Betts, if only we had the tools (and skills) to make them ourselves!

    Pam, my kind of crackpot idea, too, but we really don't get enough rain here to justify it and it's also just unattractive. It looks like just a big pile of rubble.

  5. Peggy, those Southern gates are pretty awesome. Seen 'em on some plantations when I lived down there, too.