Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not-so-silly gadget No. 38

Twenty or more years ago, my dad picked up this handy little gadget somewhere in New York. This was back when all toothpaste tubes were the roll-up kind and made of metal. You know, back in the olden days.

How clever it is: you stick the end of the tube into a slot on the wringer key, and wind up the tube. You don't waste any toothpaste, and the tube can be stood on end, taking up less real estate in the medicine cabinet.

Well, now the wringer is getting a bit worn out, and the plastic toothpaste tubes are less inclined to stay rolled up. But I've got a new gadget to help:
This is the heavy-duty Tube Wringer, made by Gill Mechanical. There are lighter-duty models made of plastic, but I went for the one that will last.
You just put the end of the tube in, turn the key and voilà, no wasted toothpaste. Or whatever else you have that comes in a tube.
Because no, I did not get this just for toothpaste (which will continue to stand in its old wringer). I've got tubes of caulk, glue, even – kitchen gadget qualifiers – pesto and sun-dried tomato paste. All of them can benefit from more efficient squeezage.

And if you're an artist, just think of all the paint you can save! I ordered mine from Blick Art Materials. At half off list price, the plastic version is $6.13, the metal $11.25.

It'll practically pay for itself!


  1. I like the compact nature of the old one and the fact that you can stand the tube on end. I'll have to evaluate my tube squeezing needs before I take the plunge.

  2. Heh. I will still use the old one for storing the toothpaste upright. But it just don't squeeze so well anymore. The new gadget is just for wringing, not storing.

  3. I love Dick Blick.

    You found so many uses for it. I was just thinking paint and toothpaste! Thanks!

  4. I saw a McDonald's ad on TV recently and that guy squeezing the toothpaste and slurping on the last drop of soda is my husband. I need this gadget!

  5. That does look handy!
    Hubby is the toothpaste winder in the family. I start a new one while he gets all the rest out of the old one...
    Everyone needs a hobby!

  6. I am SO ordering that. I have a plethora of crafty things in tubes that need wringing out.

  7. Okay that looked silly at first. Then I thought about all my expensive tubes of paint...

  8. Mimi, anything in a tube!

    Manisha, your hubby will think you're very clever!

    db, glad to be preaching to the choir ;-)

    Natashya, I'll bet this would make a great gift, then.

    Glad to help, Kathi!

    Summer, I've been coveting one for a while.

    Miss T, it really does save you money in the long run.

  9. Hi

    My 1st visit here. It is very useful indeed. Toothpaste is something that won't cost you a lot. Imagine skin cares/cosmetics in tubes, those can be really pricey.

  10. Hi Chumpman. Thanks for visiting! Yeah, toothpaste was just the easiest thing I had handy to demonstrate with. Cosmetics are definitely another good use for it.