Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The DMV is A-OK

Maybe I lead a charmed life, but I can't recall a visit to the DMV ever being very painful. These days, of course, you can do a lot of administrative stuff online, which makes it even easier.

I needed to renew my plates, but had forgotten to change my address, so I had to go in person on Monday.
You walk in, push a button on a machine according to what you need to do, and get a ticket with a number on it. It even tells you how long your approximate wait time is. In this case, seven minutes. You just wait for your number to come up on the display. Bing, bang, boom, you're done in two shakes of a bee's butt.

Driving home, I thought, hmmm, maybe I should get vanity plates next time. Except someone already got mine:
If you were to get vanity plates, what would they say?


  1. I've never had a problem at DMV either. They aren't the friendliest people on the planet, but they are efficient. If I was willing to pay the extra for vanity plates: N8V VTR (native Vermonter).

  2. poodl-lvr of course and thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. I needed to get back to blogging.

  3. I've never thought of getting vanity plates. If my husband got them for me, it'd be CZY DVR (does that look like crazy driver?). But I'm NOT!! ;) Glad you got in and out at the DMV - that auto ticket is a neat idea.

  4. I would get MOUSIE because my parents used to call me that when I was little because I was so quiet.

  5. I have vanity plates on my red beetle: AFUNCAR

  6. I'll bet native Vermonters are as rare as native Coloradans, Betts.

    MBP, so glad to see you're still around!

    Jenny, you mean diver, right? You love to scuba!

    That's cute, Wonderful.

    Leah, I'll bet it is! I didn't know you had a Beetle.