Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't laugh

Two-for-one sale on three-packs of 12-oz. cans plus shipping came to $3.60 a pound for 13.5 pounds for good coffee. You can't even get Folger's for that.

I now take a container of milk mixed with cold-drip coffee to work every day and have quit buying Starbucks entirely. This tastes better, and it saves a lot of money.

Where are you cutting back on expenses?


  1. Sorry, I did laugh, but I think it was because you said not too - oh that rebel in me ;) Hey, a good deal is a good deal, and almost everyone likes coffee!
    Although we just came back from vacation, we've been saving by eating most meals at home, only going out 1x a week, if even that. I also have started using all reusable containers for items in DH's lunch, that way that's less baggies to buy, and less baggies that end up in the landfill - good for us all! I've got containers for sandwiches and chips, now just need to find one for pickle spears...
    And of course, like you, we like to buy in bulk but for just us 2, it's hard to store it all sometimes. I like to go in and share with friends or family on the expense and then split the food.

  2. I buy bulk everything and can still afford organic because of that. We'll grow lots more of our own in the garden this year. Produce is getting too pricey, and I don't want to shop at Walmart which isn't exactly a bargain these days either.

    I have a coffee toddy system, too, and love it. Now here's a tip maybe - you can run the grounds through a second time for a less strong syrup, but still with plenty of coffee taste. Try it and see what you think.

    Less meat, less cheese, less butter, less chocolate. I think of it as Health-on-a-Budget. :)


  3. Baking bread.
    I've started making all our bread - and my 18-year old son goes through a loaf a day, and likes the fancy artisan bread that's over $4.00 a loaf, which was $24 a week on bread.

  4. I've cut out soft drinks. Instead I buy Crystal Light. It's cheaper and, even more important, my recycling bin isn't full to the brim with aluminum, glass, and plastic bottles.

  5. Why does this seem familiar??? Ah yes... here it is. You REEEAALLLY like your coffee! :D

    I save money by going to the beach. A lot. It's free and always fun.

  6. Giving up my CSA this year. And riding the scooter more; I can ride around for a week on a gallon of gas.

  7. Jenny, cutting down on baggies is good. I buy a jumbo bag of chips, say, and put a handful in a tupperware to take with lunch, or just keep the jumbo bag in my drawer at work.

    Dani, I've heard you can run a drip twice, but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe with the next batch.

    Sybille, that's a big money-saver. The Artisan Bread in Five method seems a lot cheaper than store-bought, though you have to factor in oven-energy costs, unless you've got solar.

    Pam, that might make it hard to do the soda-can siding, though! I should cut out Cokes. But I love them so.

    Mimi, guilty as charged! I haven't even finished that last batch yet. But this was such a deal ...

  8. DG, you commented at the exact same moment!

    A scooter is a good thing to have these days. I'm tempted, but it probably isn't practical for me. Bummer about the CSA, though.