Monday, February 09, 2009

Early spring!

It's been so mild the last few weeks that this crocus is blooming a whole month earlier than last year. In 2008, it bloomed on March 12. The year before, Feb. 26.

We still have three months of snowing to go, though.


  1. wYou're killing me with this. We still have at least 2 feet of snow on the ground with piles a mile high.

  2. Wow! Last year I had tulips blooming at the end of January. This year? I've got the bulb foliage but no flowers yet.

  3. You're not the only one w/early spring - all my fruit trees are flowering already! Granted, I'm in CA, but early Feb is still a little strange!

  4. We have had several days now of above freezing weather but it has only succeeded in melting the snow on the roof and even then not on the porch roof.

  5. Oh, you are GOOD. I always intend to keep a garden journal, but then every year I wonder, now when did we get daffodils (or fill in the blank) last year?

    We have daffodil sprouts but no blooms yet.

  6. Sorry, Betts! We'll be getting more snow here shortly. A little today, in fact.

    Molly, seems like you've not had as much rain this winter.

    Vicki, I hope that doesn't mess with your crop too much!

    Peggy, you live in ice-box country, I think!

    Kathi, the blog functions quite well as a garden diary! I find I refer to past posts fairly regularly to refresh my memory.