Thursday, February 05, 2009

What is it? No. 29

This one's pretty darn easy! I'll post more about it later.

If you think you know the answer, click on the photo to see if you're correct. No spoilers in the comments, please.

I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous day!


  1. Cheers to that. My co-worker beat me to calling in "sick" today. Or mental health days as we like to call them.

  2. Gorgeous day? It was minus 20c when I woke up..brrrr..
    I got the pic right though, yay!

  3. Man what a day it was! It may be time to bust out that sprinkler again!

  4. In retrospect, I can see it, but before I clicked, I was convinced it was the inside of your fridge again.

  5. Easy, you say? I was so far off. It's only easy when you know what it is.

  6. ha, i thought it was a parking garage! nice foto!

  7. James, I would so love to call in "well" sometimes, but it's just never possible.

    Natashya, bravo! Sorry about your temps!

    Yay, Kathi!

    Summer, felt almost like your season!

    Ha, Beatrice. I can see that ...

    Sorry, Betts. I'll try to do a really really easy one sometime.

    Thanks, Anonymouse!