Friday, February 20, 2009

Field-expedient fence repair

Well, it's not really a repair, just an alleviation of the symptoms until my handyman can get here. I discovered today that our most recent high winds left the fence leaning drunkenly out over the sidewalk.

Rebar and nylon dog ropes will keep the pedestrians safe for now.

Handyman informs me that he has worked on nothing but fences for the last month and a half, thanks to numerous "wind events." I'm more glad than ever that I had that hollow bee tree taken down.


  1. Dude would have waaaay more business if he worked up in my 'hood ;) Then again, not too many fences around here - at least not fences with any wind resistance. Have fun this evening. I will miss you guys :(

  2. I blame the high winds when I lean over drunkenly too! =P

  3. It's been a rough winter here too, but more so with ice problems, though yesterday the wind came howling through bringing cold temps with it.

  4. My first thought on seeing that photo was that you had rigged up a gigantic slingshot.

    I'm sorry the truth is not that much fun.

    Hope it holds until help arrives.

  5. Jen, it sounds like he's got all the business he can handle down here! I'll be lucky if he can get here sometime next week. We'll miss you, too!

    Natashya, ha! I'll have to remember to use that one.

    Joanne, ice is misery. I don't really mind the winds too much, but bikers and asthmatics suffer.

    Ellipsis, that would be a pretty awesome catapult! If only I could rig one up to launch squirrels. But the neighbors might object.