Thursday, October 02, 2008

I like coffee

A lot.
OK, I went a little crazy on the ordering, but the free shipping offers don't come around very often. This is good coffee, and I go through a pound every two to three weeks. I make cold-drip coffee and drink anywhere from one to three cups a day of coffee concentrate mixed with hot milk (or sometimes iced). No, I'm not one of those pot-a-day types.

Anyhoo, shipping was free, and I got a bulk discount, so this lot was $5 a pound.

$5 = 1 (one!) super-dooper Starbucks latte.

You do the math.


  1. It's OK, Kitt, I have 300 pounds of flour (various and assorted) sitting sealed in my garage right now waiting for the delayed delivery of my storage units.

  2. I recently was re-introduced to French press coffee. Have you tried it at home? It will change your coffee-drinking habits. Next time you're looking at those wonderfully useless items in the kitchen dept of your favorite store, treat yourself to a French press. And then report back.

  3. There's nothing wrong with your math. And if coffee futures suddenly skyrocket, you'll be sitting pretty. I pay almost $10 a pound for our coffee; if I could save 50% and get free shipping, I'd stock up too. Do you store yours in the freezer?

  4. Like a fox, aaron!

    DG, I ordered 10 pounds in May and ran out more than a month ago, so it's not as crazy as you and Aaron might think.

    Alecto, that doesn't surprise me, considering the amount of baking you do! A page from CG's book, eh?

    Pam, I drank French-press coffee for years and agree, it's tasty stuff! But I like the cold-press even more. Lower acidity and super-convenient, especially since I use hot milk as the base instead of water.

    Blue, I guess it's obvious ;-)

    Betts, I would, but the freezer's full! This stuff is vacuum-packed, though, and is good for a year if I don't open it.

  5. That is remarkable. I would have jumped on that too!!!

  6. Wow, you're sure to get all your housework done in record time now. Cold drip eh? I'll have to run that past Jim but I doubt he could ever part with his Chemex.

  7. Having been a Community coffee user for 50 plus years, my day must start with CC. Even when I travel that reserve pack goes with me.

  8. coffee should not be kept in freezer.
    check the coffee lunatic sites for better info.