Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Midnight snack

Maybe you can see the steam rising from these green tomato slices. I meant to make some before work, but ran out of time. But I was feeling peckish after taking Sophie for a long post-work walk.

They're not fried, but broiled, an idea suggested by Bee at Jugalbandi. I dipped the slices in a beaten egg, then in a mixture of cornmeal, semolina and sesame sprinkle and ran them under the broiler on a rack atop a cookie sheet. I just did one fat tomato as a test run.

The tomato itself tastes great, but the coating needs work. It may be that frying is really the way to go here. Or I need to try bread crumbs instead. And add salt to the mix instead of salting afterward.

Lord knows I have plenty more tomatoes to experiment on.


  1. I haven't tried it yet, but how about Panko (asian bread crumbs). I use them often in place of regular bread crumbs and I love the texture and the taste. You'll be like the America's Test Kitchen on fried green tomatoes. Be sure to file a report.

  2. These look great! I like how they are broiled. It saves a few calories.

  3. Dredge twice, fry once! Try the source for all things amusingly Southern . . . Southern Living has an article on FGT and a recipe that is good for starters. I'd highly recommend against breadcrumbs as a traditionalist, but a bit of panko added to the cornmeal could be interesting.

  4. This is an odd suggestion from a vegetarian, but fried green tomatoes usually have a bacon component, don't they? (Usually bacon grease?)

    If you decide to skip the bacon element, you might want to try putting something like parmesan cheese in the coating, to keep the flavor balance.

  5. Betts, panko's a good idea. I look for some at Safeway. Otherwise it'll have to be special trip to the Asian grocery.

    Lisa, that was my thinking, though not so much the calories as not liking batter-fried things very much.

    Thanks for the links, Seth! More variables to try.

    Beatrice, I've seen bacon as an option, but it's not common. On the other hand, I do like bacon ... and cheese.