Friday, October 31, 2008

I should be cleaning a pumpkin

But I got distracted by the filthy upstairs windows. I thought I'd have to get up on a ladder, but I can reach many of the windows from the front and back decks, and the trickiest ones tip in on the bottom. A cloth on a squeegee proved effective.

Now I have to go get more candy. Just in case I run out.

I do hope your day was more exciting!


  1. Just come on over to my place with all that energy. Got a few windows here that could use some help. LOL.

    Am still trying to find the exact Cuban bread recipe, rather than my eyeballed version.


  2. You're supposed to clean your windows?!


  3. Dani, you're on your own with the windows! Maybe if you measure your eyeballed ingredients, that will be sufficient.

    Jen, you can always pay someone else to do it ... in cookies.

    Betts, it was a nice night, albeit low-key.

  4. I have been saying I need to clean my windows for a couple of years now. I can offer Indian food...