Friday, October 17, 2008

I'd like to thank our sponsors

A couple of years ago I attended a Wii Fit Plus party hosted by my buddy Jen, courtesy of Nintendo. That prompted me to buy a Wii, in hopes it would help me stay in shape a little more. Well, the games are fun, anyway! I can't say it's a substitute for regular, vigorous workout. But that's my fault, isn't it?

Recently, I was asked to host a Wii party of my own, to spotlight the new set of games called "Wii Play: Motion." Nintendo is having parties all over the Denver area, and will then see how area sales are affected (or not). Guests are also asked to fill out surveys about their experience.

Since I was already planning to host a party on Saturday, I figured why not? So last week, a couple boxes showed up with lots of goodies.
Nintendo had suggested an ice cream social, since one of the games features balancing ice cream cones. They sent all the fixings for making sundaes, a gift card for purchasing ice cream, a set of cute bowls and scoops for gifts, and the game and controllers.

Dessert and after-dinner entertainment were taken care of!
Everybody was eager to dig in, even after the yummy pizzas. Ice cream fits in around the edges, right? We had chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana and mint ice cream.

You can see that I didn't leave much out when it came to filling my bowl. It would be puzzling if Nintendo were using ice cream to market the games as a fitness tool! But no, it's just for fun.
And we did have fun. We tried a bunch of the games, balancing the ice cream cones, skipping stones, whacking moles. One of our guests had already gotten a copy of "Wii Play:Motion," so he was a big help in getting set up and figuring out how things worked.
Even the dogs had a good time, though they were puzzled by our rapt attention not on them and our strange gestures that were not petting.

Thanks, Nintendo, for a fun evening!

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