Thursday, October 09, 2008

How random!

If you say the word "random" enough, either out loud or in your head, it starts to sound strange and disassociate itself from the meaning. Actually, you can do this with just about any word. Word word word word word ... see? It's kind of funny, but disturbing at the same time. A little taste of aphasia, and how I hope I never suffer from that.

Anyhoo, it's time to announce the recipient of my little thank-you to my regular visitors.

I originally was going to cut up pieces of paper and stick 'em in a percolator. But as the numbers crept higher and higher, I grew disenchanted with that idea. My generosity doesn't extend to RSI.

Happily, Biggie at directed me to, which will generate a random integer for you. Her Mr. Bento offering got 926 responses! She really is that popular (and deservedly so), even if you factor in the vultures.

Anyhoo, I came up with a total of 148 responses, after removing duplicates and anonymous responses that didn't include emails.

I asked to give me a random number between 1 and 148 and – ding! ding! ding! – the Crown of Caffeination goes to No. 12! And who might Commenter No. 12 be? Why, it's Claire Walter of Culinary Colorado. Congrats, Claire!

In your comment you expressed a fondness for medium roast, so that's what I'll send (but if you'd like dark or between roast I can do that instead). Email me with your addy and I'll dispatch it posthaste.

Thanks, everyone, for chiming in with your java jones. Who knew there were so many ways to enjoy a cuppajoe?


  1. I'll have to rujn right out and buy a few lottery tickets. Maybe I'm on a roll! :-)

    Thanks for the nice news, Kitt.

  2. Way to go, Claire. Don't drink it all at once.

    I sometimes get temporary aphasia from written simple words. Like I write "about", but I look at it carefully and something about it doesn't look right. I think I'm really just paying too much attention to it where normally it only warrants a casual glance.

  3. You're welcome, Claire!

    Betts, me too. It's scary.