Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not waiting until Oct. 30

For once.


  1. Nice one. I've been buying a pumpkin per week. We have a green bumpy one, a dark red orange one, a white one and the Super Freak. And, who knew, they have their own web site, the Super Freak Pumpkin People:

    And then there are some regular pumpkins thrown in, so, uh, maybe it's more than one pumpkin per week.

  2. I saw some big ones at Home Depot. They were cheaper than the ones at Sam's! Maybe I should follow your lead and grab some.

    I'm so glad you're in on the traveling masterpiece! If you can make it to lunch, that would be super-awesome. I'm waiting to hear from Jen and I can bring paint!

  3. Molly, that's a lot of pumpkins! But you have more reasons to have a lot.

    I'll check Home Depot, manisha. See you tomorrow!