Friday, October 03, 2008

Keeping mum

I got this honkin' big mum a month or more ago at Costco. It was so cheery I couldn't resist.
But it was starting to fade a bit (forgetting to water it enough didn't help.) So I looked around to see where I might plant it.

Along the fence was a little bare, and there are drip outlets conveniently placed.
A few minutes with the post-hole digger (my favorite planting tool) was all it took.
That mum should be well-established by the time the cold weather comes and will be cheery again next fall!


  1. Don't forget Mom's rule: next year when it starts budding up, pinch every bud off - every single one - until July 4th. Then let it go to town.

  2. Good idea to give it a permanent home in your garden - it's already nice and big and it will rebloom each year!

  3. dg, I hadn't heard that rule! If I remember to, i will do that.

    Zoomie, I planted some Costco mums at my old house and they really took off! Nice to have the fall blooms.

  4. I haven't heard that rule either. Maybe cos mine doesn't even have anything green on it till summer is in full force. So seeing buds before July 4th is out of the question.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful big spot of color!