Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beware the black gummies

A cow-orker picked up these Halloween-themed gummies at Target. And I never can resist a gummy, sweet snack.

But then ...

"Hey, what happened to your tongue? It's all black! Your teeth, too!"

Turns out there was a trick with that treat!


  1. Quick! She's cyanotic around her mouth! Get her oxygen STAT!

  2. That's so incredibly fun!
    Thanks for sharing :) I might have to go out and find me some of those dirty worms!

  3. Ewwww! How come there isn't white candy that would temporarily whiten our teeth?

  4. My friends look like that after a couple of glasses of red wine. It's always the yummy stuff that gets ya.

  5. Summer, ha!

    Mimi, cute wasn't what I said when I looked in the mirror.

    Jonathan, that's what the co-worker said.

    Lo, you can fool your friends, too!

    Betts, wouldn't that be great? But a white tongue, not so much.

    Julie but licorice doesn't do that! (Geez, is licorice really spelled that way? Looks funny.)

    Deneph, I guess I should have a couple glasses to compare, eh?