Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More gummy worms

Digging out a bunch of grass for a planting bed turned up a lot of worms the other day. That's good; it means the soil is healthy. Most of the worms were of pretty average size, but this one was a monster.
I didn't end up with a black tongue this time. Just hands.


  1. oooh. What a lovely worm. I am glad you don't have black teeth today. I was worried with the post title that you got some other colored teeth!

  2. I like this kind of worm better than gummy ones.

  3. Very, very impressive! (On many counts.) I have a worm composting bin in my kitchen. It sits quietly and unobtrusively under a bookshelf next to the computer. Most people don't even know it's there. My worms are way smaller than your friend there, but I love each one of them. They just chomp, chomp, chomp & poop,poop,poop all day, apparently have a lot of sex, and produce big families.

  4. I know they're good for the soil but anything that crawls freaks me out. My daughter will love this post!

  5. I used to love worms when I was a kid...not so much now.

    The picture below is so good!!! Love it.

  6. No worries, Mimi. I'm sticking with chocolate!

    Betts, I didn't taste it, so I couldn't tell you if it really is.

    Pam, I'm impressed! I've thought about worm composting, but one pet is enough! Worm castings sure are great for the garden, though.

    Manisha, maybe she'd like it for a pet?

    Kathi, that's what I said!

    Anon, you don't like worms, I take it.

    Thanks, Michelle Ann!

    Julie, I thought it was two worms at first, when it was all stretched out in the dirt.

    Does anyone remember baiting hooks with worms as a kid? I don't think I could do it now.

  7. How does Sophie like the worms? At first I thought Miss B. was eating them, but she was just throwing them around and watching them wiggle.