Friday, October 24, 2008


I thought I had found all the green tomatoes the other night, but apparently picking by flashlight isn't as effective as I thought.

With the killing frost, the vines are done for, but a passel of fruits appear to have survived. Plus a wee acorn squash. These tomatoes were the ones that were still firm, most of them lurking near the ground where they were protected. I found some higher up that were mushy. Those will go in the seedy compost along with a bunch of very mushy tomatillos. I may get some seedlings out of that pile next year.


  1. weee!!! gardening rocks. how awesome that you continue to get goodies from the ground. i am uberly jealous. great to see you yesterday :)

  2. Those things are gorgeous, like glowing green stars.

  3. Yeesh, how many tomato plants did you have anyway? It seems like you're up to your ears in tomatoes.

  4. Jen, living down here on the flats does have some advantages! Fun seeing you, too.

    nbm, aren't they pretty?

    Betts, I had 10 plants, and every one went to town. The cukes and squash didn't do so well but I think I can remedy that next year.

  5. Those are so pretty and shiny!! Our local paper had a post on ripening green tomatoes today: