Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Posole party

This batch was not as stellar as I had hoped. I think I cooked it too long. But it's still reasonably tasty and will provide a few more work meals.


  1. I think the ghosts below in your garden are hilarious.

  2. I've never had Posole but I've heard it's really good.

  3. i'm a fan of anything corn
    i have some rancho gordo posole that i should make soon.

    thanks for the reminder

  4. I had posole for the first time in New Mexico this summer and loved it -- was surprised that it had sausage in it. Does yours? I haven't seen this kind of corn here, but then again, I haven't been looking for it.

  5. Gosh that looks delicious - I put on about a pound in weight every time I pop along to your blog!

  6. Thanks, duck!

    Try it, Julie. It's pretty easy to make.

    Claudia, if it's from Rancho Gordo, it's got to be good.

    JGH, no sausage, just cubed pork. But sausage would work. You should be able to find hominy in a regular market (maybe in the Mexican foods section).

    Mob, luckily it's just virtual pounds!

  7. I have been wanting to try posole for a while now.