Sunday, October 12, 2008

You say tomato

I say tomatoes.
I thought I'd better pick what was left of the ripening crop, then chickened out and brought them all in. They can ripen on the counter, most of 'em.

Meantime, who's got a good fried green tomato recipe?

I would've run to the store for cornmeal and buttermilk to cook them tonight, but a little more gentle arm-twisting pulled me out again.
The tomatoes can wait.


  1. easy peasy fried green tomatoes

  2. Wow, you had a lot of tomatoes left. We just ate our very last one here, it is so sad to see that tomato season come to an end, one of the best parts of summer ...

  3. Clearly you do not have cats. (If you did, the tomatoes would not stay on the counter for long...)

  4. Thanks, bee! I'll try it.

    Joanne, I was thinking it would be maybe a colander full. Turned out to be five. I guess I should plant a little earlier next year. May 20 is usually what I aim for, but these didn't go in until the 26th.

    Beatrice, no cats. Just a poodle who is much more focused on the bag of chicken jerky at the end of the counter.

  5. You really got a whole lot! Great source of vitamin C!

  6. I brought all mine in too because if I did not we would have had a killing frost for sure. In any case, I keep them in a big whole foods bag and take them out as they ripen. I'm not sure why they're supposed to be in the dark (or maybe that's a myth?) but every day I get one or two and they're actually quite nice.

    I made a green tomato and green apple salsa for some bean and cheese enchiladas. Big onion, four apples, four green tomatoes, all chopped big, cook in oil, might have added some fluid, two tablespoons yellow curry (it's a dry mix I made but can be bought). Cook until salsa like and eat over anything!

  7. Gina, mimi and blue, it sure is a bonanza. Vitamin C is right!

    Alecto, I hadn't heard they should be in the dark ... maybe that slows it down? I'll have to try that sauce. Thanks!

  8. Oh my goodness - I can't believe how many tomatoes you harvested - well done for such a fantastic crop!