Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Doughnuts to apples

Sunday was the last farmers market of the season, which makes me very sad. However, the day was brisk but sunny, and everyone was in a festive mood, especially since there were Halloween costume contests for kids and pets.

No, Sophie did not take part. She's got her blinged-out collar and that's enough costume for her.

I had my hands full with dog, NaBloWriMo art and rolly cart, so I took no photos except for the one above, in the booth next to the Soap Crone. It featured an odd variation of bobbing for apples, with mini-doughnuts on strings. (There's a use for that silly gadget!)

I got some of Amy's special edition herbal soap, then unfolded my cart to roll home with this:
About 20 pounds of "keeping" apples, a mix of Braeburns and Fujis. Wrapped in a blanket in the garage, they should keep through January. But I'm hoping to use them up before then. I've got some baking plans.


  1. That's a Whole Latte apples there! Love the doughnut bobbing. The kids look so intent on their mission!

  2. I'm just using up the last of my apples now... making applesauce. Now I'm thinking about buying more. I think there it a bit of "Little House on the Prairie" in us.

  3. oooh those apples look yum. The donuts sort of do too...

  4. Love those little girls' dresses - seasonal without being cliche! I'm buying an apple picker today to reach the apples at the very top of my neighbor's tree.

  5. Joanne, they were a little bemused by it! But they liked the donuts.

    Betts, next thing you know, we'll be slaughtering hogs and posting about cracklin's.

    Duck, the better to bake with!

    Mimi, don't think I wasn't tempted to snag a donut myself ...

    Zoomie, happy picking! What really struck me is that both girls had perfect little witch boots, too.