Friday, October 17, 2008

Seeing red

Here's what all those tomatoes yielded:
Doesn't look like much, but it's super-concentrate of tomato essence, and will form the base of many future sauces.

I meant to follow Marina's suggestion to spray Pam in the ice cube tray, but I forgot until it was too late. Well, I've only got the one tray, so that's that. I will divide the other container into a couple smaller ones.

The muffin tin produced the closest to true sun-dried-style tomatoes. I'd drizzled them with olive oil, and I think the little compartments made for more consistent drying. Those tomatoes are nice and chewy. I packed them in a sauce jar and covered them with more oil:
This may gross you out, but I'm reminded of my brother's tonsils, which he kept in a jar after his tonsillectomy as a kid.


  1. They let him keep his tonsils?!?!? that is way cool. My sister didn't have hers... or maybe she didn't ask for them.

  2. As I said when you wrote about your dried tomato puree on my blog - you're a genius!

    But, your brother keeping his tonsils make me nervous. is that even legal? They didn't offer me mine when they were removed thank goodness!

  3. I have my wisdom teeth in a box, but tonsils are way cooler. I wonder if he still has them.

  4. Mimi, he was maybe 10? And I'm pretty sure he insisted on keeping them.

    Thanks, Dana! Why would it not be legal? I suppose today someone might balk, but not 30+ years ago.

    Betts, they're long gone by now, but I remember looking at them with horrid fascination as a kid.