Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let the sun shine in

More fun with ladders today.

It's a little embarrassing to show you how very dirty my windows were. But with the emphasis on were, I guess it's OK. (And they didn't look quite as dirty as the close-up below appears) The dining room originally had two tall, narrow windows. You can see the brick arches where they were. But someone replaced them with a big picture window flanked by two thinner ones that open. That's much nicer, I think.

They're double-paned, anti-UV windows. Traco brand, which the inspector said was good.

I'm not fond of washing windows. Who is? Everyone has different ideas about how to do it. Mom swears by cornstarch in hot water, and newspapers. I use Windex and microfiber cloths. Seems to work OK.
How do you clean your windows? And how often?


  1. That first picture is fantastic... and I use vinegar or windex or whatever I have, but not often enough it seems.

  2. OK, I"m officially embarrassed. We only clean our windows when we move and have to hold an open house, which has been about every 5-10 years!!

  3. Nothing fancy here... just windex and paper towels. I used to wash in the fall, but now it's spring. I think I want to go back to fall though next year. I gives me the idea that more sun will come in even though my window aren't usually dirty enough to block sun.

  4. Wash the windows? Hey, we get a lot of rain here in the Washington, DC, area. Lots.

  5. Yeah, I was just looking out my gigantor kitchen window and thinking I really need to do this.

  6. Thanks, Mimi! I crouched down to make it look more imposing. It wasn't as high as it appears.

    Susan, that's funny! If I could get away with it ...

    Betts, I think they get dirtier over the summer because the dust. It's very dusty here.

    Lucky you, Pam!

    Lisa, do it before it gets too cold!

  7. I don't clean often enough!..but when getting around to it, it's with vinegar and water and using one of those window cleaners with the rubber well

  8. They get cleaned when guests are coming. And then only at guest-level, with whatever spray happens to be around. :o)