Monday, October 06, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 24

For the lush who has everything, you might consider this "nostalgic" martini shaker. It says it's nostalgic right on the label.

But I'm more inclined to label it "notstalgic." Oh, for the good old days when nobody believed in exercise and even shaking up a bracing shot (or two) (or three) of Tanqueray with ice was too damn much work.

Yes, for only $60, you, too, can conjure up those boozy golden days with this fabulous counter-hogging gadget and never have to set your upper-arm fat a-jigglin' again.

Available in red or black.


  1. Um, for sixty dollars, it better drink the dang things for me.

  2. I think jiggly arm fat adds to the martini-shaking experience, don't you?

  3. I recently saw something on a $45, battery opened wine-cork puller that will pull 25 corks on a single charge. See Add an electric citrus juicer, and a person could have a totally electric bar.

    Claire @ htto://

  4. I meant "battery-operated wine cork puller" or battery-operated wine-bottle opener" but merged the two. Sorry.

  5. My sentiments exactly, Mimi.

    Not Hannah, it can keep the calories as long as you get the buzz?

    Amy, the more jiggle, the better.

    Betts, if only!

    Claire, I guess either of those would be good for a pro who fears RSI, but not for the home bartender.