Monday, October 06, 2008

Frost warning

My garden's all ready for Halloween: "Woooooooooo ... we are the ghosts of tomatoes unharvested ... wooooooo."
Though it's supposed to be unseasonably warm all week, tonight may dip close enough to freezing to pose a threat to all the tender vegetable plants still laden with ripening goodness. So out came the old sheets to keep the babies warm. (Yet another reason why you should never throw away old sheets.) I also covered the tomatillos, beans and peppers.
I harvested every tomato that had a hint of ripeness, just in case. That's the colander on the right. The ones on the left I picked a couple of days ago and need to seed and freeze.
Note the handy-dandy headlamp, which made the late-night harvest possible. If you don't have one of these, you should.

Cross your fingers, please, that the tomato vines don't become ghosts for real. At least not tonight.


  1. Yeah...keep them warm. You really GOT a whole bunch of them! I am officially jealous!

  2. Aw, you've got your chiles! And no frost I suspect.

    Looks like everything made it through the night, too.

  3. They would have been ghosts of gardens past here. We got a hard frost last night. I wish I still have yummy tomatoes.

  4. I slept with the windows open until 4 this morning! Lasted longer than I thought it would. Still HOT here!

  5. Julie and I must be near each other in CA, it's now 88 degrees at 7pm...I wish we would get frost!!!

  6. Betts, no tomatoes planted this year?

    Mimi, cozy enough!

    Julie and Vicki, it'll be chilly there soon enough. Vicki, do you ever get frost?

  7. Hi Kitt -
    In the 10 years I've been here, I've had to scrape frost off my car 3 times. One guy at my job saw my ice-scraper and said "what's that for?" in all seriousness.