Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing lasts

Oh look, another "Lot for sale." Are you getting tired of seeing these?

What makes me sad about this one is that someone has worked really hard on that yard to make it look nice. But it's all going to be scraped away.

The brochure says they won't even show the house until the property is under contract. "Rent until you're ready to build," it says.

That's a double lot, so someone can put up a duplex there. Just like the one next door.


  1. WOW! That duplex is massive and boring. That stinks.

  2. It looks like an office building. With all the empty houses out there in a downturned market, let's build more? Very sad.

  3. This is really sad. I drive by houses in CT that have signs out front that read Tear Down! I see houses built on spec and standing empty. It almost feels like whistling in a grave yard.

  4. Yikes. So imposing! My impression is that these huge dwellings (even half of this is huge) don't end up housing big families either. I guess a lot of people want more personal indoor space (personally I'd trade some indoor space for more yard). Maybe the people who want these big houses are the same people who buy your silly kitchen gadgets and they need more rooms to store their gadgets?? See how you have a theme going here?

  5. That is so sad. I hate losing pretty neighborhoods.

  6. Dang. Can't find the property on the sign's URL to buy and keep as is. :\

  7. Is there any interest in the creation of a historic district in your neighborhood -- preservation while there's still something left to preserve?

    See for others.

  8. That's a pity - to destroy that beautiful yard. I would hope that with real estate in a slump, we'd see less scrape offs. I saw a number of these when I went to college in California and more recently in Boulder.

  9. Mimi, yeah, boring is right.

    Joanne, it does baffle me. I wonder how long this will be on the market.

    Alecto, everyone wants to make a buck, I guess. But they're doin' it wrong.

    Pam, you may be on to something!

    Kathi, happily, it's not happening to all the houses here. I don't mind seeing some of the tumble-down ones go, if only they were replaced with something nice.

    Kathi, that's what they get for using a cut-rate realty service.

    Claire, it's not a particularly historic district. I think designating it as such would be going to far in the other direction. I want the option to make changes to my property without having to go through a committee.

  10. Sibylle, it may slow down eventually. A lot of these places were projects already in the pipeline.