Friday, October 17, 2008

In The Kitchen with bloggers

As part of NaBloWriMo (that's National Blog Writing Month), fellow Colorado blogger Manisha of Indian Food Rocks! had the brilliant idea of creating a group artwork, to which each willing NaBloWriMo participant can add her or his mark and pass on. When it's done, one lucky participant will win it.

Jen of Use Real Butter was the first to jump in, with a lunchtime hand-off planned for today. Well, not to let them have all the fun, I popped up to Boulder to join them at The Kitchen on Pearl Street. It was awesome to meet the smart women behind two very well-written and beautiful blogs.

And this is what happens when you lunch with bloggers:
Vegetable sandwich, crab salad and a terrine. I coveted everything on the menu, frankly. The terrine was very rich and good, though I would have liked more of it. The service was just the way it should be: pretty much invisible. Of course that may have been because we were so busy yakking away, but I never got that "hovering server feeling" or experienced the abrupt interruption that can totally derail a conversation.

Jen posted about Community Night at The Kitchen, which was what piqued my interest in the restaurant in the first place. So I'm going to take Mom to that when she visits next.
She might like the insanely sweet sticky toffee pudding. I'll just have a bite.

The Kitchen
1039 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302


  1. verrrry fun times, lady! where shall we go next for the second hand off?

  2. I sure hope I'm around next time there's a "meeting" at The Kitchen -- or elswhere.

  3. I loved meeting you both!

    How about my place?

  4. I laughed at "this is what happens when you lunch with bloggers" and then saw the cameras whipped out! Isn't that the truth ... Have camera, must blog :)

  5. I wish I could have been there, too, but it's a bit far from Vermont. I had to laugh about the camera and the food. I was doing the same thing last night. I asked everyone at the table who had photogenic food. They looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

  6. Fun times indeed! I vote for Manisha's, so we can admire the new blinds.

    Claire, there's a coffee hand-off in your future!

    Joanne, everything's a photo op!

    Betts, ask enough, and your friends get used to it.