Monday, October 27, 2008

Look over yonder

As the leaves fall, the view from my window gets better and better. I can see the mountains in the summer, too, but they're more striking with a fresh blanket of snow.

Many people think Denver is snowbound all winter. But most of the white stuff stays in the mountains where it belongs. Snow that falls in the city usually melts within a few days. We love our abundant sunshine!

The exception was a couple of winters ago, when it snowed every weekend for several weeks. The city didn't plow immediately (it'll melt, right?), so we ended up with a big mess. I felt like I was back in South Dakota.

For now, I'll enjoy the balmy weather this week promises. Time for garden cleanup, and more window-washing.


  1. Wow... such a gorgeous view. I'll have that view in my dream only!
    Enjoy your balmy weather! Don't work too hard!

  2. That's so pretty it looks like a post card.

  3. Nice! I'm in California now for a conference, so lok forward to seeing snow when I return home.

  4. I heard about "days on the ground" only after I moved here!

  5. Blue, I never work too hard. At least, I try not to.

    Thanks, Betts and Breezy!

    Sybille, you'll probably be shoveling it!

    Manisha, that makes me laugh. In colder climes, once it's on the ground, it stays on the ground.