Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Amidst the towering redwoods of Northern California are the even more massive trunks of bygone behemoths that fell or were logged.

There was also an ironic bit of litter:
A Natural American Spirit tobacco can, complete with smoking Indian.

We tossed it in the (car) trunk and recycled it.


  1. Sad about the litter...but the trees are beautiful.

    Hey, I saw your posole post. It had my mouth watering! I make a chicken posole with a tomatillo sauce. I love the green variation. I grew up eating menudo in a red sauce. Both are delicious. I have the recipe on the list on my blog.

  2. What a combo!

    I miss the redwoods, we haven't been up to our favorite camping spot up there in a couple years.

  3. Wow, that photo puts the size of those trees in perspective. Too bad, there's litter everywhere now. Thanks for picking it up!

  4. great shot
    how could anyone litter in a place like that?

  5. Great photo! Seeing you with those trees reminds me of how I feel when I'm in the ocean. Not sure exactly why. I can smell the forest in that shot.

  6. Thanks, Michelle Ann! I have lots of tomatillos. I'll check out your recipe.

    Julie, next camping trip, maybe?

    Hi Joanne. Yeah, the litter is a disappointment, but I spent most of the time looking up. Also didn't notice all the poison oak I was walking through either.
    (No harm done, happily.)

    Carla, it boggles. And that piece of litter in particular.

    Duck, yep. Sad.

    Pam, it's a similar feeling, I agree. Your trip to the shore looked lovely.

  7. Whoops1 I meant Claudia, not Carla! Sorry, Claudia.