Thursday, October 16, 2008


I stayed up much too late last night prepping tomatoes for drying, but I needed to get it done before the ripe ones started to go bad. I've already got three big bags full of frozen raw tomatoes (that I cored and seeded first). I wanted to condense this batch a bit.

I spread them on cookie sheets, a pizza pan and a mini-muffin tin and set the oven to 200 degrees with the door cracked overnight. By this morning, they had condensed to Essence of Tomato.
I have probably a fiddly hour ahead of me picking out the skins as much as I can.

Some tomatoes will go into olive oil to be used soon, and the rest I'll puree and freeze for tomato paste. Maybe in ice-cube trays (I'll freeze a test batch to see if I can then pop out the cubes to store in freezer bags).

Sitting on the porch just now, I saw a pigeon hurtle across the street, slam into the fence and fly back, a peregrine falcon in hot pursuit. So my day is starting out well.


  1. What's up with your oven - it glistens!

    Looks so good!

    Rick in VT

  2. Now that's what I call industrious! Those are going to be awesome for you to have this winter.

    BTW I'm not taking my son anywhere near Target for fear that he will see those black gummy worms.

  3. I see my hubbie noticed the same thing I did.... your oven is sooooo clean. I know you use it because you regularly post cooking things. Mine is haunted by the ghosts of recipes past.

  4. Those look amazing. I wish organic, fresh tomatoes were available year round... Hot house are just not the same.

  5. Hey Kitt, how about using a bit of pam in the ice cube trays to make sure the puree pops out when it's frozen.

  6. Wow, I'm jealous. You'll be enjoying all these tomatoes long after we're buying the grocery store variety!

  7. Rick and Betts, the stove is at most a couple of years old, and I don't think the previous owners ever cooked in the oven. I've also been trying to keep it clean since I plan to sell it when I put in a gas range.

    Julie, yep!

    JGH, the gummies are tasty, just keep a toothbrush handy.

    Michelle Ann, I agree! But then maybe they wouldn't be so special.

    Good idea, Marina! I'll try that.

    Thanks, Zoomie!

    Joanne, it will be a treat, for sure.