Saturday, October 25, 2008


Cleaning the carpet took a lot longer than I anticipated, so I was a late arrival at the pumpkin-carving party. But I got to see some of the handiwork, at least. The pumpkin boys went for scary:
Even scarier was the Gene Simmons pumpkin.
The fancy stencils you can do these days. And the tools! I particularly appreciated the little scoops for cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin. Much more efficient than a spoon. I saved my seeds to roast.

All this pumpkin needs is a kitty inside it for the perfect photo op. But leave it on the porch for a while and you're sure to get a squirrel, at least.
I carved the same pattern I do every year (see last year's pirate). I could do it in my sleep. Except there are sharp implements involved.
I'm hoping Mr. Punkinhead survives on my porch all week. If not, I've still got another, larger pumpkin to carve.

I'm very excited to be at home for trick-or-treating this year. It's been at least 10 years. I don't know how many kids there will be; a lot of parents these days opt for "safe" events like trick-or-treating at the mall or something. Where's the fun in that?


  1. america is way more fun than NYC....thats a fact!

  2. We always carve our pumpkins the night before Halloween but this year we're baking a million gingerbread men (C. is going to be a gingerbread gal this year) for the kids' classmates. Maybe we'll carve earlier and have a couple of nights of glowing pumpkins.

    Every year we get more and more trick-or-treaters on our street and it makes me happy about my neighborhood which sometimes, on other nights, can have some problems.

  3. Pumpkin carving has turned into an art. When we were kids it was just a big sharp knife and a big spoon. I love all the new tools!

  4. Your posts always crack me up, how fun it is seeing all these pictures!
    I have to work on Halloween and don't get to stay at home to pass out candy, bummer!

  5. db, no trick-or-treaters or pumpkin carving in the Big Apple?

    Molly, I can't wait to see those costumes! Loves last year's. I do recommend carving early if you can swing it. Glad you're getting more kids coming around.

    Betts, I'm still an advocate of the knife and spoon method for at least one pumpkin. Don't want to suck all the creativity out of it.

    Aw, that is a bummer, Diane. But I know your pain. Can you leave candy out?