Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Strangers in the night

Sophie and I walked 1.15 miles this morning. Enough walking for an old dog? Nope. Home from work, I was greeted by leaping and spinning and multiple attempts to rescue Timmy from the well (i.e. concerted efforts to lead me to the treats in the kitchen).

It had rained earlier and the air was chill and misty, so I put on a hat and gloves and we headed out again, for another 1.3 miles.

Sophie frolicked the whole way, which I always find encouraging. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Orionids meteor shower, but the sky was hazy, and it was probably too early yet. It's supposedly best just before dawn.

Near the end of the walk we passed a guy out with his Tibetan mastiff and said hello. At the next corner I made Sophie stop so I could try to capture her silhouette against the streetlight. I crouched down, bracing the camera on the sidewalk, and took a few shots, but heard footsteps. The mastiff-walker had doubled back.

"Hey, are you OK?" he called out. I stood up. "Oh yeah! Just taking pictures!"

It probably looked like I was ill, maybe doubled over in pain or something. Or it just looked strange.


  1. Meteor showers are always tricky to catch. The one I always try to see becaue normally pretty active is the percides.

  2. I am often accused of just looking strange around twilight. Usually it's the dog's fault though.

  3. I love walking, do it as often as possible. Nice that the fellow walker looked out for you.

  4. We've been camping outside Moab, near Castleton Tower and saw great meteor showers. With extremely clear skies, no moon in the early evening, and no light pollution, we saw a lot of meteors even early in the evening.

  5. I find it very reassuring that the dog walker made sure you were OK.

    Our dogs are always rushing up to us to alert us that "Timmy's in the well! Timmy's in the well!" too.

  6. Jonathan, I missed the Perseids this year, alas.

    Alecto, yeah, it's the dog's fault!

    Joanne and Kathi, yeah, it was reassuring.

    Lucky you, Sibylle! Too much light here in town.

    Kathi, do they go on point, too? Great and mighty hunters, those dogs.