Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rustic gate

As I walk around the neighborhood with Sophie, I like to check out different kinds of landscaping and think about what I'd like to do with my yard.

Stockade fencing is what I have now around the side yard, and while it's at least attractively weathered and keeps the yard private, it's not very interesting. I like the idea of a thick hedge instead, with a pretty gate or two.

This rustic look is nice.

But I probably would still need some kind of dog-proof barrier. So ideally I'd like a wrought-iron fence backed by a hedge, and a wrought-iron gate.

Maybe after I win the lottery.


  1. Just an idea, have you considered learning to work iron? Perhaps start with a gate or a sculpture, or maybe just a poker and see how it goes? I only say this as I have taken great pleasure recently in trying projects that I have no business starting as I have no background in them, but I read and think about them, then go for it. So far so good.

    Rick in VT

  2. Duck, they are indeed. As is fencing in general.

    Rick, that would be an interesting adventure! I could see it becoming a very expensive hobby, though. Building my own gate would be fun, but I wouldn't want to do all the fencing. I'd never get it done. And I have all this gardening to do. Plus thoughts of beekeeping and chicken-raising ...

  3. Your house is so pretty1 What about doctoring up the stockade with some vines? climbing roses? I wonder if there is a hedge dense enough to be dog proof.