Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First things first, a treat for me:
Today was the last day of early voting in Denver. Didn't have to wait very long, maybe 20 minutes, but the poll workers said it had been busy all day. They were out of paper ballots for my precinct (and many others), so I had to use the touch-screen machine. How amazing is that? It's great to know so many are voting.

Went candy-shopping, too, just in case that big Costco bag didn't last.
No, I did not get friggin' Christmas candy. Can you believe that's on the shelves already? Sheesh.

I got some Gummi Bears, Mounds and, yes, "High School Musical" candy. It has Pop Rocks in it!
Got my second pumpkin carved, too. Kind of a quick hack job, joining last week's creation, who lost most of his teeth to squirrels.
Then I sat down to wait. And wait. It got dark, and still no kids. Finally, two adolescent boys in scary masks appeared, a parent trolling alongside them down the street in an SUV. How lame is that? I told them to smile for the picture. See the grins? Then finally some parents who were better sports. Where do you find an adult-sized Scooby-doo costume?
A passel of princesses and Wednesday from the Addams Family:
And a bunch of rowdy boys who were going full-tilt on a sugar high. They were a little crazed but essentially polite, and obligingly screeched to a halt for my camera before dashing on.

My favorites were the little girls from around the corner (or "the sqealers" as I like to call them – they have one volume: piercing). The puppy twins were clearly having the time of their lives. Suckers! Candy! They were very cute.
I had a few other small groups, but what you see here is essentially what I got. What happened? The parents I talked to were surprised, too. Reportedly last year a lot of people ran out of candy, there were so many kids, even though it was a Wednesday night, cold and drizzling.

Well, at least I had a few! And a lot of leftover candy. Oink.

I capped the evening with dinner at Oshima Ramen, where the Sergeant and I were the only diners. I guess Japanese noodles aren't really a Halloween thing. But they sure are good.

I hope your Halloween was fun!


  1. We got more kids this year than last year. I moved my van so it did not obstruct the path to the front door and we put little pumpkin lights up indicating to kids that there are people at home. There are a couple of neighborhoods that are very popular and most of the kids end up going there. We did that once but I have since refused to go there. Those streets are better lit because they are newer and also because the homes literally light up the streets!

    I also think there were more parties this year because it was a Friday and the wonderful weather was an added incentive. That helped reduce the numbers further. We don't buy more than one large bag from Sam's cos we barely make a dent in it.

  2. My eyes are on those gummi bears... you got a nice selection of candies there, I wish I could drop by and get some....
    Sounds like you accomplished a lot yesterday! Good for you!

  3. We got a just a few until we opened the front door (it was a warm night here) and let the light shine out. I neglected to carve a pumpkin this year, my usual signal that we are ready. I got some princesses, a memorable skeleton and too many big kids who don't dress up but just grab a fistful of candy and run. Disappointing year, except for that skeleton, who loved his costume and was thrilled that I noticed it!

  4. I was in Davis, California this Halloween. it's the first time I've not been at home in over 20 years, and I missed that. Davis had lots of little Hispanic Trick-or-Treaters who spoke little english so I got to practice spanish,

  5. When my son, now 26, was elementary school age, he went out with his friends (no parents except when there were VERY small children involved), and we had swarms of kids trick-or-treating -- much as I remember from my Connecticut childhood. Now, there's also just a trickle in our neighborhood, and no kids are out without parents (except a few teenagers later in the evening). It amazed me that there were so few, since Halloween night was warm and dry.

    And like Blue Sandals, if I'd known about the Gummy Brears, I'd have been on your doorstep.

  6. We didn't get as many this year either.
    By 8:30 the kids were gone and there were lots of neighbours standing around in front of the houses disappointed. This is the first time we outlasted them.
    Last night was beautiful in Ontario too, best weather since September.
    Hope the family wants 50 mini bags of Doritos for dinner.

  7. Manisha, the party theory is a good one. I would've thought with all the kids in my 'hood we'd have more visitors.

    Blue, I still have some left! Come on over. Ditto for you, Claire.

    Zoomie, I did enjoy the costumes, especially Wednesday. She put a lot of work into it!

    Sybille, do you get a lot of trick-or-treaters in your mountain neighborhood usually? Always good to get some language practice in.

    Claire, I remember roaming all over as a kid, no parents in sight. How times change.

    Natashya, you've got lunch snacks all wrapped up, I guess. Glad your weather was good!

  8. This year we had 19 Halloweeners. Last year, in the freezing rain, we had 40. WTF is going on? I don't like having leftover candy...

  9. Well, at least I can look at your trick or treaters since I didn't get many of my own. Very cute!