Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hack job

My poodle clippers do double duty every few months. While the box illustration says frou-frou, the clippers are equally handy for a macho crewcut on the occasional shaggy victim. I haven't been able to talk the Sergeant into a high and tight yet, though.

Happily, he doesn't fidget nearly as much as Sophie does.


  1. Do I sense some handsomeness might lurk in the front part of that head? Nice cut, but I thought that would be a spring thing and he'd want to keep that hair for the cold winter ahead. Or maybe you had something to do with the decision process.

  2. It takes me all of five minutes to crew cut my husband's hair - there is less and less of it each time!

  3. I cut my own hair with a set of clippers. I'm way too lazy to make appointments, etc. The first time I did it I looked appallingly like my dad. After I invested in the special 1 1/2" attachment things were much better. . .

  4. Sergeant, you are a very brave man, indeed!

  5. Betts, yes, there's some handsomeness there. But when he starts to look like a mad scientist the clippers come out.

    MOB, it's surprisingly easy, isn't it? Wish I could save money on my own do that way.

    Wendi, I have those combs for Sophie, but I'm not brave enough to go that short on my own again. Thought about it ... but no.

    Manisha, as long as there's no blood drawn, he's fine!