Friday, November 14, 2008

Classic car watch in the 'hood

When this car carrier pulled up in front of my house the other day, I was hoping the '56 Lincoln Premiere was being dropped off. But no, the new neighbor was having her boring Audi delivered instead. The Premiere was sold for $5K on eBay to some guy in Chicago, and that was where it was headed.
On my walk today, I spotted this '67 Fairlane. It's a daily driver recently purchased by another neighbor. He hasn't had to do any exterior restoration on it, but added carpet, a new headliner and cruise control. The tailgate can swing open sideways, or fold down. Sweet!

If you could paint the wagon, what would you do with it? I'm fond of the wicked ride treatment, but that's been done.


  1. I think I would go ridiculously classic with powder blue and wood paneling.

  2. Wow. Does that bring back memories! Mom and Dad had a brown Ford Country Squire, a '68 I think. For long trips, Mom had covered 2 long foam pads with a coordinated striped fabric. They would put the back seats down, layer in the foam pads and then the kids, and away we'd go!

    When I think of how many miles we travelled that way, totally sans seatbelts, I feel an interesting mix of fatalism that we survived, giggles at the memories of how much fun we had, and sadness because things are so "safe" now that such an experience would be totally unacceptable by current standards!

    In memory of the fun we had in that car, I'd have to say it needs a 60's flower child paint job.

  3. Hm. We had a similar wagon growing up, one with the backward facing seat way in the back so we could look at & wave to whoever was behind us. Ours was a turquoise-y blue, so I'd paint it that.

  4. Mimi, wood paneling rocks!

    Gaia, we had a Country Squire, too. Kids, dogs and lots of gear. And the backward-facing seats, too. I don't remember much about seatbelts, either. How about daisies?

    Joanne, turquoise would be eye-catching!

  5. We can dream a dream. I agree it would be nice if the 56 Lincoln Premiere stayed. It would have been even better if it came to England. I work for Motorline in Lewes, Sussex were we specialise in classic cars.

  6. Hi Alex! That would be a fine car to have on your side of the pond, where I suspect '56 Lincolns are not common at all.