Sunday, November 09, 2008

Insult to injury

It's bad enough that my old dog is deaf and half-blind and wobbly. But then I have to keep pointing the dreaded camera at her. In probably 95 percent of the pictures I take of her, she is refusing to look at the camera. It might flash, Dog forbid.
Little does she know I'm taking pictures so I can point out her failings on the Internet.
Poor thing.


  1. I see that cute b/w boy?cat in the background. I know that look and demeanor well since I'm a lover of all black and white cats. They really do seem to have a distinct, from other cats that is, personality type. Sophie looks serene, as befits a lady of her age.

  2. Poor thing. So many cats hiding in the plain open for her. Maybe she has just lost interest in them. Wait, no. There was the Mango incident.

  3. It's so evident how much you love that gorgeous mut of your's! hard isn't it when they start to age? It breaks my heart but what fun and love they bring us. Nice post about the treasured one.

  4. She looks like she's saying to the cat, "I know you're there, but if I pretend you're not, maybe you'll just go away."

  5. Hey, is this the same cat from the sidewalk shot a few posts back? I think she likes your dog.

  6. Pam, the kitty was quite blase, especially once it became clear there was no danger from the dotty old poodle. Who was not so much serene as trying to avoid eye contact.

    Mimi, she's definitely interested if she sees them!

    MOB, I do love her so. I'm glad she is as spry as she is (though I carry her up to bed now to save her climbing the stairs).

    Betts, no pretending, alas. She's oblivious.

    Joanne, not the same kitty, but similar!