Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Purple no more

Denver's City and County Building is often lit in different colors according to a monthly theme. Pink for breast cancer awareness, red for heart disease. Last year in October it was purple for the Rockies, who were in the World Series. (So nice to have a team with an attractive jersey color!)

This November it's been purple again. Not for the woeful Rockies, so I was puzzled, until it occurred to me yesterday: Maybe because we're a purple state!

But tonight it wasn't lit up in blue, so that theory's blown.


  1. I've never been able to figure out the colored lights. But they are pretty!

  2. Purple is, among other things, the color of royalty. Maybe someone in the county has declared him/herself queen/king? It would be a very subtle way to announce it but you just never know. Or maybe someone is announcing that he/she is coming out of the closet...

  3. That is stunning against the black sky.

  4. It seems to me that blue would be perfectly appropriate. How much more do you need beyond Obama, two dem senators, 5-of-7 dems in the House, dem majority in the state legislature, dem governor and dem mayor of the largest city and capital? Hell, even Jeffco, aka Tancredoville, went blue!

  5. Mimi and Beatrice, it always looks pretty, no matter what the color.

    Betts, it does a little.

    Pam, the mayor's a little too man-of-the-people for that, I think. I think he's straight, too ...

    Thanks, JGH!

    Phil, pretty wild, isn't it?