Friday, November 07, 2008

Special delivery?

The Collector was not receiving visitors today, so you're out of luck, sorry. Just sit tight and all will be revealed eventually.

Meanwhile, riddle me this: United sent me an email about their new "Door-to-Door Baggage" feature, in which you pay United $149 and up per bag to have FedEx pick up and deliver it.

Now, the luggage-by-mail concept is not new, and may be a good idea if you're really worried about the airline losing your bag. Or if you just don't want to carry it.

But I can't figure out from the United promotion page why there would be any advantage in paying United to to pay FedEx, rather than going to FedEx directly. Nowhere does it say that you'll get a better deal through United. "United is the first airline to save you time and money with this simple and convenient service," they say. Where are they saving me money?


  1. looks like the RIGHT is trying to spread it out faster than the LEFT....

  2. Um, I think I need a translation of that, db!

  3. I've heard of people who have started fed ex-ing (or ups-ing) their luggage rather than paying the handling fees. I guess United has heard about it too...

  4. I've shipped a lot of stuff by Fedex, and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't cost $149 and up. I just shipped one of those co-sleepers (it's a fold up baby bed that attaches to an adult bed) to the Midwest for $35. United is just looking for a way to make money.

  5. You NEVER get a good deal from United these days. I have actually written articles about baggage delivery services, includ FedEx. They are moat popular with well-heeled travelers going to ski or golf resorts and want to make sure that their gear is there when they arrive.

  6. Beatrice, I remember hearing about it a few years ago. I think United's late to the game.

    Betts, that's interesting to know! I rarely ship anything by FedEx, except documents, so I wouldn't have said if $149 was really outrageous, but it seemed so.

    Claire, I suspect even the well-heeled will go to FedEx directly. United doesn't seem to offer any more convenience. You still have to print the labels and arrange for pickup or drop-off on your own.