Monday, November 10, 2008

Silly kitchen gadget No. 29

Reportedly it is supposed to snow overnight, but I'll believe it when I see it. The snow is late this year. It used to be we could count on at least one freakish dusting sometime in September, and something a little more substantial in October. Last year the first snow was on Oct. 21.

Not that I'm complaining. I got out and planted a shrub on Sunday, and really need to rake some more. But the cold weather's coming.

Which brings me to this week's silly gadget: a hot chocolate set from Bounjour. For $40 you get two mugs, the ceramic pot, and a frother (2 AA batteries not included) that fits through the top of the pot. You can heat milk in the pot in the microwave, add chocolate, and froth away.

It's not entirely unattractive, but I'd like it better if it didn't say "hot chocolate" on the pot (it might be nice for coffee, too, you know). At least you don't have to heat the milk in a separate saucepan and pour it in.

Now, about the color. Pink appliances are everywhere these days. If you read the fine print, though, you find that the donations to the Susan Komen fund ($3 per set) ceased for this product earlier this year. I'd rather see the set in different colors and have the company give money for breast cancer research anyway.

Or I could buy a frother for $10 and donate the other $30 myself. I'm just not that into pink.

How do you feel about this hot chocolate set? And about pink appliances (marketed as helping to fight breast cancer) in general?


  1. While my blog is blindingly pink, nothing in my apartment is. So, I'm with you on wishing they'd use other colors other when selling products to raise money for breast cancer.

    I think I would just go with a frother. You could use it with chai!

  2. I love how the scene is set... hot chocolate by the fire with cookies and and exciting game of dominoes. And are those marshmallows the most perfect cube shapes you've ever seen.

    If I had a retro-style kitchen, I might be into pink appliances, but it doesn't go with my current decor... early Salvation Army. I don't think it should matter what color you buy, they should still donate the money.

  3. wow, Beatrice, I went to your blog and it IS blindingly pink.

    anyway... I like the idea, but like you said, couldn't they just donate the money anyway. Not a big pink fan. Lime green though or cobalt blue and I'm sold! Oh and tangerine... yes. I love bright colors. And as for this set... eh.

  4. That's hilarious! All I can think of is my daughter's Easybake oven and how great an accessory this would be!

  5. I believe I was given this set in white as a Christmas present last year. I don't drink hot chocolate and my husband has a lactose intolerance problem. So we keep it up high and haven't used it yet. If we got it in pink I'm fairly sure it would be regifted to someone else.
    My kitchenaid isn't pink. It's tangerine and beautiful.

  6. I hate pink. I also hate pink ribbons. And I hate breast cancer. I have serious issues with corporations who go pink... This is a good site:

    I like your garage link you sent me :) xxoo

  7. Okay, I like the pink...but you can froth hot chocolate with a whisk.

  8. Aside from the pink, the inscription, the squattish form, and the batteries, that is at base a quite classic chocolate pot, with the handle sticking out from the side and a hole in the top through which a whipper-up passes. Traditionally, you rub the molinillo between your hands to whisk the chocolate. I have a Mexican-style wooden one and find it is quite effective, although I use it in a saucepan, not a chocolate pot.

    (I feel like Molinillo Girl of the Internets; this is my second molinillo comment in as many days. I guess it's the onset of hot chocolate season.)

  9. Beatrice, you do love pink! But yes, I think just the frother is enough.

    Betts, it does look idyllic. I think a fully pink-designed kitchen would look too cute for words, though.

    Mimi, have you seen those tangerine fridges? (Smeg makes one.) Those are seriously covetable.

    Alecto, there's an idea. A kitchen set up just like a toy one. That would be pretty funny.

    Mary, maybe it's time to eBay it. Love those tangerine Kitchen-Aids.

    Jen, that's really what I was thinking about when I asked the question. Breast cancer as a marketing ploy really bugs me. But if you question it, you're made to feel bad.

    Miss T, yeah, but I kind of want a frother anyway.

    nbm, I actually have on, and I've never used it. But I'm thinking I'd better pull it out and give it a try.

  10. I hate the pinkery that follows breast cancer research in marketing. Isn't breast cancer feminine enough? But no, let's remind everyone that PINK goes with WOMEN.

    Secondly, I hate how they use it to market things off the backs of people who have died. If you wanna donate to breast cancer research? Just do it. I don't tell anyone what charities I might or might not donate to, because I don't want anybody's pity money. I want folks to buy my stuff because it kicks ass. We all understand breast cancer sucks. No need to use it to pimp my products.


    I really should learn to tell you how I really feel, huh? :)