Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not so silly

Well, you know I heart Ikea! The most expensive thing here was the mortar and pestle, at $10. The frother was $2. It will probably break quickly. That's a meat thermometer in back, and a spice grinder in front of it.

I also got a citrus zester, pictured at right. It was lurking in the depths of my suitcase and missed out on the home photo shoot. A microplane works fine for teeny shreds of zest, but this one makes longer ribbons.

I had to get help lifting my bag into the overhead bin. "We don't have Ikea in Denver," I explained. That got smiles and nods of understanding.


  1. You exercised a lot of restraint to fit your purchases in a carry-on bag. I'm afraid I might have to get some freight space.

  2. I can remember driving to Chicago because Detroit didn't have an Ikea. We had to tke things out of the boxes to fit them in the back of the van.People in the parking space next to us were having the same problems.

  3. I wish they shipped furniture. I may have to get a cargo company. They are addictive!

  4. I completely understand, too. Denver could really use an IKEA.

  5. hee hee! I'm very lucky that we have an ikea about 3 miles away! I bought the exact same spatchelor this weekend!

    When we moved to the states we thought it was the best thing ever that americans arent into IKEA like the europeans and we went and kitted out our entire house with no lines and no fuss. Good stuff.

    Love the food section too!

    There were lines to get into the parking lot, and a 45 min wait just to get in the doors in the UK!!