Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brief jaunts

The weekend was pretty low-key, what with crud I managed to pick up. (They're dropping like flies at the office.) I did enjoy a trip to the Denver Art Museum, which has a new wing designed by Daniel Libeskind.
There's a temporary exhibit going on right now called RADAR: Selections from the Collection of Vicki & Kent Logan, which features modern art, much of it by Chinese artists.
Foolishly, I have not taken notes on my favorites either time I've been there. The bronze trash bag is one. (Oh, did find it online after much searching. It's by Gavin Turk.)

Another is a dawnscape of a city that is spare in its detail but gives a perfect feeling of expanse.

Also, Quantum Cloud XXXIII by Antony Gormley. It's all welded rods.

Guess I'll have to go back!

The other jaunt was to scenic Fort Morgan, Colorado, to visit the gravesite of author Phillip K. Dick, whose novels have been very popular as movies, including "Blade Runner," "Total Recall," "Minority Report." The latest was "Scanner Darkly." I haven't seen that one yet.

We had to dig out the headstone to see the name. It was heavily iced and snowed over.
Dick died shortly before "Blade Runner" came out, so he never got to enjoy the subsequent fame and cash. He never actually lived in Fort Morgan, but his twin sister, Jane, had died there when they were young, so his aunt had him buried next to her.

We also stopped in at the Fort Morgan Museum, which was very gung-ho about Glenn Miller, and not at all about Dick. Then we stopped at Cafe Lotus to get coffee and happened to meet a young man who was very gung-ho about Dick and not at all about Glenn Miller.

He was hoping to get some kind of PKD festival going in the town, and did have a good point, that while Dick hadn't lived there, he was still the longest in residence among famed Fort Morganites, having now occupied the cemetery for 20 years.

On the way back I had to stop and get some snaps of the A-Frame Lounge & JFJ Cafe. The A-frame part still functions as a cafe and gas station. The sign is just terrific.

And look! The lounge is for lease! Just think of the fun you could have, running this beauty.

Finally, the weekend wrapped up with a whimper, as the crud tightened its phlegmy grip upon our throats, sinuses and lungs. The final jaunt was only as far as the nearest place for pho.
Not feeling so hot, we dosed heavily with sriracha to warm things up and keep those airways open. All in vain, alas. But it was still a good meal.

And a good weekend.

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