Saturday, February 24, 2007


I picked up a corned beef brisket at Costco the other day, tossed it in the crockpot last night with some water and low-sodium beef broth. Then I got what I needed to make corned beef hash, which to me is the best way to eat corned beef, unless it's in a really well-made sandwich, and I didn't want to buy a whole loaf of rye, so hash it is.
While I was getting the potatoes, I spotted these turnips, rutabegas and parsnips and thought, hmmmm, I have never cooked those. In fact, the only time I eat rutabegas is at Thanksgiving, mashed, and I like them then. But a lot of people hate them, it seems. They are a kind of biting, almost bitter flavor, very distinctive, which I guess would explain why people don't like them.

Anyway, I brought home one of each. And when the beef was done today I cut them up and tossed them in the broth to cook.

When they were done, I fished them out with a slotted spoon and tossed them in a hot saucepan to dry them out a little, then added a pat of butter and a splash of milk and mashed them with the spoon. Then I tasted them. Eek! Way too salty from the beef broth.
The solution: peel a bunch of regular potatoes and boil those up.
Once those were boiled, I mashed them up plain, then added the salty veg and mashed some more. Oh, and a little more butter and milk. The result? Verrrry tasty mashed potatoes, with just the right amount of salt and a nice flavor kick from the other roots.
Now I have to go back to the store for more potatoes for the hash, but that's OK. I'll make it in the morning. Sunday brunch!

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