Sunday, February 25, 2007


At Costco I also got a ginormous bunch of asparagus, which I did up my usual way, along with a handful of cipoline onions: marinated in a little olive oil, thyme and salt, then grilled. The healthy accompaniment to the hash, which is made by:

Sauteeing some onions until they're a little browned

Chopping up some corned beef (under careful canine supervision)

Opening a bag of country- or Southern-style frozen hash browns (a real-time saver) ...

... and adding the potatoes, the corned beef, plus some butter, to the onions.
And letting the whole thing cook undisturbed until the bottom is crisp, then turning it once and letting it cook some more.

Finally, fry an egg in the pan after you remove the hash.

VoilĂ !


  1. I'd make it.

    I keep seeing asparagus and it looks perfectly good, even if it's the wrong time of year. I can feel my resistance dwindling.

  2. I'd drink to that.

    It's not the wrong time of year! I saw asparagus at the farmer's market in California this weekend. It's totally springtime there.

  3. That looks amazingly good! Thanks for sharing the link the pics.